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Services provided:
Concrete/Asphalt Cutting

​Seal Coating:
We use an Asphalt Emulsion based sealer-NOT coal tar.  We DO NOT cut our product with water, kerosene, or any other material.

Pothole Repair:
We currently use cold-applied asphalt that is ready for traffic immediately after it is packed down.

Crack filling:
We are currently using a cold-applied liquid crack fill product.

Concrete/Asphalt Cutting:
We use a 14in diameter diamond-blade cutting saw equipped with a dust-suppression system. 

Line Striping/pavement marking:
We can re-paint existing parking spaces or we can plot out and paint new spaces that are in compliance with your town's ordinances.  We also own multiple stencils including the "handicap reserved" symbol.  We currently use municipal-grade fast-drying paint.  We can also apply glass beads if reflective markings are necessary. 

Non-Asphalt Driveway Creation:
We can deliver and spread crushed stone, graded base, or other materials to create a new parking spot or driveway.